Boldo fragrans

"Liver Cures with Boldo," by Dr. Laureano Olivera, of Havana, Cuba. (HomRec, 1907 Aug, vol. 22, no. 8, p. 358.)
Mrs. M. M. de B„ 52 years of age, native of the city of Matanzas, contracted a malarial fever during …


There are still confusion and conflicting studies about the use of cellphones. The research does indicate that a child’s brain from ages five to twenty receives more cellphone radiation than an adult because of their thinner skulls and smaller brains. …


Natrum nitricum

Sodium nitrate. Chile saltpeter. NaNCh.

A remedy of Rademacher for inflammations. Haemoptysis. Haematuria. Purpura haemorrhagica. Haemorrhagic variola. Drowsiness. Pains of tabes. Influenza. Haemorrhages from mucous membranes, particularly nasal. Haemoglobinuria. Uric acid diathesis. Asthma & …


Dichapetalum thunbergh

PHARMACY – dicha. Dichapetalum thunbergh. Dichapetalaceae or Chailletiaceae family. The flower inhabits tropical the regions. Tincture of leaves and bark. Historical dose: Tincture and all potencies.

CLINICAL – Arthrosis. Cellulitis. Duodenal, ulcer. Eczema. Hernia. Joint, pain. Lichen planus. Migraines. …



Menyanthes trifoliata
Menyanthes wants to be happy in absolute freedom and independence. He experiences conditions in life as coercion rather than an indispensable aid to correct action.

Only he is really free who is commanded only …



Said to be of use in sexual neurasthenia; impotency. Sexual debility from nervous prostration. Incontinence of old people. Chronic prostatic discharge. Renal and cystic catarrh; Frigidity of females. Aids the establishment of normal menstrual flow in young girls.


The …


Zincum picricum

Zinc Picrate – Murphy
PHARMACY-zinc-pic. Zincum picricum. Zinc picrate. Trituration. Historical dose: All potencies.

CLINICAL – Brain, fatigue. Bright's disease. Exhaustion. Facial, paralysis. Headaches. Memory, weak. Neurasthenia. Nymphomania. Parkinson's disease. Priapism. Satyriasis. Seminal, emissions. Sexual, mania. Spinal, weakness.



Cineraria maritima


(Dusty Miller)
PHARMACY – cine. Cineraria maritima. Dusty miller. Senecio cineraria. N. 0. Composite. Corybiferae. Tincture or succus of the fresh plant, growing wild, gathered just before the flower-buds open. Historical dose: Tincture and all potencies. CLINICAL – Cataract. …


It’s not called the “common” cold for nothing—at some point just about everyone gets one, and many people get more than one cold each year. Sometimes colds, which are the body’s way of dealing with viruses in our upper-respiratory tract, …