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Boron, a remedy for immaturity and fragmentation. Boron cases are jumpy. They cannot grasp how things work (pointing to their childishness), and dare not say no. Their pathology may stem from abuse, incest, and loss of parents. …


Boron metallicum – mentally confused

PHARMACY – bor-met. Boron metallicum. Boron metal. Historical dose: Trituration and all potencies.

CLINICAL – Anemia, aphthae. Arthritis. Bronchitis. Conjunctivitis. Constipation. Cystitis. Diarrhea. Ear, infections. Eczema. Epilepsy. Gastritis. Herpes. Joint pains. Leucorrhea. Mastitis. Motion sickness. Nausea. Osteoporosis. Parkinson's disease. Sterility. …


Thuja : hiding from the world

This excerpt is reprinted from Core Elements of the Materia Medica of the Mind Volume 11 by Ananda Zaren which will be published in May of 1994, by Burgdorf Publishers.

Thuja individuals sustain wounds early in life that penetrate deeply …


Cathartes aura

A proving of Turkey Vulture

Dr. Todd Rowe MD(H), CCH, DHt

Edited by Yolande Grill HMA, CCH

This page contains a brief introduction and some highlights of this proving.  A complete booklet of the proving results with discussion and comparison …


Levisticum officinale

  • Anorexia nervosa – specifics (Farokh Master)
  • ABDOMEN – INFLAMMATION – Small intestine
  • Child cries for "no cause" at night. Use 200 or 1M potency (Chatterjee T. P.)

Culpepper's Herbal
General – Resists poison and infection, ague, pains …


Benzochinonum, para

p-Benzochinonum, p-Benzoquinone, 1,4-Benzoquinone, para-Benzoquinone, para-Quinone, Quinone

Important Proving Symptoms and Themes Noted by the Investigators

Increased energy and alertness, as if had drunk coffee, with irritability and hypersensitivity to people and noise. Right-sided headache in temples, with photophobia. Severe headache …



But I do nothing upon myself, and yet I am my own Executioner.
[John Donne]

Hippomane mancinella. Manchineel. Beach Apple. Manzanillo. N.O. Euphorbiaceae.

CLASSIFICATION Hippomane mancinella is one of the five species of the genus Hippomane, a genus native …

External use of mother tinctures


A combination of these two herbs in an ointment or cream provides relief from painful piles, but you should seek professional help so that they can be treated ‘from the inside’ to prevent their recurrence.




Alumina silicata

Has nervous debility, great mental excitement, is worse anger and vexation, is discontented, discouraged and distracted, is sad and feels better telling her troubles to others, desires to be alone, and this and that, is never satisfied, criticizes others, desires …

Alumina silicata

A 55 year old man presented with chronic hives of his hands, arms, back and buttocks.
Past History of Exposure
Age ten he was exposed to tar for several hours. It caused him to go unconscious "for hours." Since then …