Alumina silicata

Has nervous debility, great mental excitement, is worse anger and vexation, is discontented, discouraged and distracted, is sad and feels better telling her troubles to others, desires to be alone, and this and that, is never satisfied, criticizes others, desires the open air, but cold aggravates, is anxious, especially at night, the head especially is better cold applications, cold air and lying, wants the head cold and the body well wrapped up, when something drops on the floor it feels as if it dropped on the sore head, has photophobia, the air feels cold in the nose on breathing, the face is purple, the mouth dry, the lips stick together, has pain at the roots of the upper teeth to the head on biting the teeth together, the food is tasteless, the first mouthful nauseates, water tastes spoiled, the hands are cold as ice, the nails brittle, the fingers blue, the soles especially are sore, the pulse is rapid p. m. and night, the limbs tremble, is cold during the pain, is worse: becoming cold, motion, and is averse to it, excitement, standing and extremes of heat and cold, and better: warm applications, fasting and rest.