Benzochinonum, para

p-Benzochinonum, p-Benzoquinone, 1,4-Benzoquinone, para-Benzoquinone, para-Quinone, Quinone

Important Proving Symptoms and Themes Noted by the Investigators

Increased energy and alertness, as if had drunk coffee, with irritability and hypersensitivity to people and noise. Right-sided headache in temples, with photophobia. Severe headache in center of forehead, >as if third eye were prised open< or something wished to escape. Copious coryza with uncontrollable and paroxysmal sneezing, with itching and clear or thick, tallow discharge. Hardness and tenderness of right parotid gland after eating. Restless sleep, with anxious dreams and frequent waking. General amelioration from exposure to hot, steamy environments.


Mental hypersensitivity to noise and voices, with irritability to others’ actions and demands. Anxiety and hyperactivity, with fidgeting and rapid progress of thoughts from one to another. Feeling very alert, as if having drunk coffee, with sensation that time passes too quickly. Mental stupefaction and heaviness on waking, as if having overindulged in alcohol.


Slight dizziness with light-headed sensation in the top of the head in the afternoon; worse on brisk walking, better when lying down.


Mild headache with piercing pain in right temple and occiput, as if eye were strained, with photophobia and desire to close eyes. Severe headache in center of forehead, like someone was trying to pry third eye open or as if something were inside that wanted to come out of it.


Redness of left eye, with coryza and persistent watering of the eye.


Blurring of vision in right eye.


Sinus congestion with pressure in maxillary sinuses and thick, yellow mucus; worse in warm room, while sleeping. Itching inside nose, with uncontrollable paroxysms of sneezing (in early morning) with constant discharge of clear, thin mucus; better in hot, steaming shower, worse outside. Epistaxis on blowing nose.


Hardness and tenderness to touch of right parotid gland, immediately after eating.


Scratchiness of throat, with weariness and right-sided earache after waking. Accumulation of clear or cloudy mucus in nasopharynx; better after drinking. Left-sided tonsillitis, with pressure extending into left maxillary sinus; better when drinking warm drinks; better in warm steam.


Diminished appetite, with increased thirst for hot drinks.


Frequent passing of increased volumes of pale urine.


Burning sensation in vagina after urination.


Sharp pain under right breast, with shooting pain up and down chest, brought on during movement. Sensation of tightness in chest muscles bilaterally.


Stiffness of right side of neck; better after hot shower. Aching pain under left shoulder blade. Pain in lower back, as if sprained, from extended sitting. Alternate itching and pain in the middle of back.


Dull ache in left bicep with heavy feeling in left arm; worse when walking outside. Throbbing pain in lateral side of right knee, with sensation as if a band were around the knee; worse when bending, sitting; better when rubbing and on hard pressure. Soreness of right knee from exertion; better at rest. Throbbing pain with cramping in both upper thighs and foot. Soreness of left ankle joint. Spontaneous bruising over left knee.


Focused and alert all day, but difficulty falling asleep. Body feels restless, with racing thoughts and feelings of anticipation. Frequent change of position and inability to quiet the mind.


Anxious dreams, with frequent waking after midnight.


Formication and itching all over body, especially head and buttocks, without eruption; temporarily better from scratching, worse when lying down, outdoors in warm air.


Energy level is increased. Acute sensitivity to temperature.