There are still confusion and conflicting studies about the use of cellphones. The research does indicate that a child’s brain from ages five to twenty receives more cellphone radiation than an adult because of their thinner skulls and smaller brains. Studies also show a decrease in sperm count for up to four hours after the use of a cellphone. Other studies following those who have used a cellphone for ten years reveal that the users are at a higher risk of developing tumors on a nerve connecting the ear to the brain.

These data alone raise enough red flags to warrant your concern as a parent. Please do some research, and share it with your teen so that they can be informed. The best possible scenario is to hold off as long as possible before your teen has a cellphone, and provide a landline for them to use when at home. It is best to have the cellphone (or any other device) as far away from the brain as possible. Young children should not talk or play games on a cellphone.

Eyestrain and Tired or Overworked Eyes
These conditions are brought on by squinting, which can be caused by the teen not being able to see clearly—in which case they should be taken to an optometrist. If your teen has been overstudying, this can cause not only squinting but a weakness of the eyes as well.

This condition will respond to Zincum Metal. The eyes are sore and watery, with burning tears. They can feel gritty, as if there is sand in them, inflammation and redness of the conjunctiva and especially in the corners. There is itching and soreness of the lids (which may twitch), rolling of the eyes, and a feeling of pressure in the eye socket.

Worse from: Exhaustion, mental effort, work, talking, heat, noise, too much time staring at a computer or TV, and between 5–7 PM. Better from: Eating, fresh air, rest, gentle rubbing, scratching, and light pressure from an eye pillow made with lavender. Dosage: Give 2 pellets on an as-needed basis.

Supportive Measures:
Supportive measures: Have your teen take a break at least once an hour, for about ten minutes of not looking at any screen.