Pregnancy Materia Medica


No.1 Remedy for panic

Keynote: Restless

Strange rare and peculiar symptom: Waking to urinate between 12 and 3am Emotional state: Fearful and withdrawn from loved ones

Worse: For being touched.

People who need Aconite are restless and tend to fear the worst. Specifically they may have a fear of falling while pregnant and a fear of death. When they feel unwell their symptoms come on suddenly and intensely, causing them to panic. Aconite is a good remedy for nipping things in the bud, especially if symptoms started with catching a chill. Loss of appetite. Mouth tastes bitter. There is a tendency to dryness and thirst. Constipation with dry skin. Rectum, hemorrhoids and varicose veins have a bruised sensation. Useful in jaundice. Toothache. Painful retention of urine.

Ant Tart

No.1 Remedy for rattling, mucus-y coughs

Keynote: Belching brings relief

Strange rare and peculiar symptom: Face gets hot after eating.

Emotional state: Irritable

Worse: Warmth, lying down, in company, 4pm.

Disgust for food. Bitter taste in the mouth. Increased saliva. Morning sickness with vomiting of mucus, heaviness in the chest. Thirstless. Alternating between constipation and diarrhea. Sweaty palms.


No 1 Remedy for fluid retention (edema)

Keynote: Stinging pains

Strange rare and peculiar symptom: Sensation anus is open in diarrhea.

Emotional state: Jealous and hot tempered.

Worse: Getting over-heated. 4- 6pm.

Useful in threatened miscarriage with stinging pains in the ovarian region. Hemorrhoids with stinging pains. Constipation, passes stool with stinging pain. Fluid retention in the feet, ankles and labia. Thirstless.

Arg nit

No.1 Remedy for anxiety related diarrhea.

Keynote: Fit to burst.

Strange rare and peculiar symptom: head and stomach feel as if they are expanding.

Emotional state: Anticipatory anxiety with jitters.

Worse: When a deadline is approaching.

Tend to push themselves hard mentally and suffer exhaustion and trembling. Lots of digestive disturbances. Prone to trapped wind, which is relieved by burping. Sweet toothed, but sweets make digestive problems worse. Maybe useful in the run up to the birth, especially if you are feeling rushed in your birth preparations.


No.1 Remedy for shock, physical trauma and energy boosting.

Keynote: Bruised.

Strange rare and peculiar symptom: Head is hot. Body is cold.

Emotional state: Disconnected. “I’m fine. Leave me alone”.

Worse: For being touched (see also Aconite).

Sensation baby is lying transverse. Feels bruised by the baby’s movements. Back pain from standing. Exhaustion. Bruised, sore sensations make movement difficult. Urination with an unfinished sensation. If taken after a fall reduces the threat of miscarriage. Can be taken to get a temporary energy boost, provided you catch up on your rest later.


No.1 Remedy for food poisoning.

Keynote: Burning pains.

Strange rare and peculiar symptom: Better for being propped up in bed.

Emotional state: Fastidious, demanding, anxious.

Worse: Being left alone, midnight – 3am.

In pregnancy your body can be much more sensitive to food that is not of the highest standard. If you experience vomiting and diarrhea, with burning sensations in the stomach, esophagus and rectum, after eating or drinking this is the remedy you need. Increased salivation. Colicky cramps. Abdominal pains come on after grief. Faintness. Weakness. Weight loss. Also useful for morning sickness, varicose veins.


No.1 Remedy for high fevers with delirium.

Keynote: Throbbing pains, heat.

Strange rare and peculiar symptom: Red, hot face with dilated pupils.

Emotional state: Angry.

Worse: Noise, light, being jarred, 3pm.

Teeth or head or carotid arteries throb violently. All complaints come on suddenly (see also Aconite).Useful if you get an intense minor illness with high fever while pregnant. Hemorrhoids with sensation back is breaking. Insomnia. Fainting. Urine retention. Protein in urine. Constant urge to urinate. Important mastitis remedy, use if breast is red hot and throbbing.


No.1 Remedy for threatened miscarriage after over-exertion and over-heating.

Keynote: Dryness.

Strange rare and peculiar symptom: Likes to remain absolutely still.

Emotional state: Homesick, worried about work, irritable.

Worse: 9pm.

Important mastitis remedy when breast is pale and extremely painful. Dry cough in the morning. Nausea on waking. Vomiting immediately after eating. Colic with tight abdomen and heartburn. Nosebleeds come at time menses would have been due. Splitting headaches.

Constipation with dry, burnt looking stool.

Dry, parched lips. Thirsty for large quantities of cold drinks. Worse for noise and slightest movement, even of the eyes.

Calc carb

No.1 Remedy for insomnia after 3am.

Keynote: Clumsy.

Strange rare and peculiar symptom: Desires eggs.

Emotional state: Loves order and routine.

Worse: Away from home, getting cold and wet.

Vertigo on going upstairs. Tendency to stumble and fall. Constipation with large hard stool. Diarrhea with crawling and itching sensations. Hemorrhoids and varicose veins. Cold, damp feet. Sour sweats, especially at the back of the head. Lots of fears: rats, mice, insects, fire, being murdered, heights.


No.1 Remedy for antiseptic properties.

Use if you get a cut, an open wound or a superficial burn or scald to reduce the risk of it becoming infected. Reduces the risk of keloids (raised scars) forming. Helpful after C-sections, episiotomies and tears in the perineum. A specific for breast pain under the nipple during pregnancy. Useful in mild episodes of cystitis (see also Cantharis). Weariness after walking.


No.1 Remedy for burns and burning cystitis.

Keynote: Cutting and burning pains.

Strange rare and peculiar symptom: Burning, intense thirst.

Emotional state: Intense mental and physical irritation.

Worse: Heat.

Important urinary tract remedy, with burning before ,during and after urination and difficulty in passing urine. Useful in eclampsia (see also Apis). Vomiting with wrenching and burning in the pylorus.

Carbo veg

No.1 Remedy for air hunger.

Keynote: Collapsed, sleepy or sluggish state.

Strange rare and peculiar symptom: Better for being fanned.

Emotional state: Indifference or confusion.

Worse: Warmth, dehydration, tight clothing.

Important remedy for digestive disturbances. Useful for trapped wind, bloating, belching and foul smelling flatulence. Respiration may be asthmatic, wheezy. Can’t get enough oxygen. Body and breath feel cold. In extreme state seek medical assistance urgently, giving remedy on the way.


No.1 Remedy for toothache.

Keynote: Pains are unbearable.

Strange rare and peculiar symptom: Don’t know what they want.

Emotional state: Bad tempered, oversensitive, restless.

Worse: over-heating, 9pm – midnight.

Useful in situations where pains are extreme and the sufferer becomes angry and upset with those around them. Great remedy for toothache, earache, colicky pains and sleeplessness with intense irritability.


No.1 Remedy for dehydration

Keynote: Weakness.

Strange rare and peculiar symptom: Worse for light touch, better for hard pressure.

Emotional state: Anxious, listless, apathetic.

Worse: on waking, for noise, eating fruit.

Great remedy for anemia and weakness brought on by loss of fluids after vomiting, diarrhea or profuse sweating. In some instance those who need this remedy will have blue discoloration under their eyes. Important to take immediate steps to rehydrate, as well as taking the remedy.


No.1 Remedy for vomiting mucus.

Keynote: cough leads to gagging, wrenching and vomiting.

Strange rare and peculiar symptom: Sensation of a feather in the throat.

Emotional state: Stubborn, suspicious.

Worse: before midnight.

Useful where coughing or vomiting leads to a nosebleed (see also Ipecac). Chest feels bruised and better for pressure. Suits violent coughs (including whooping cough) where there is no time to catch your breath. Sometimes the face will look bluish. In extreme cases seek immediate medical attention giving the remedy on the way.


No.1 Remedy for flu and stage fright.

Keynote: Heaviness, even of eyelids.

Strange rare and peculiar symptom: Urination makes symptoms better for a while. Emotional state: Apathetic generally, excitable sometimes.

Worse: any physical exertion.

Prone to visual disturbances during pregnancy. Anticipatory anxiety leads to a “rabbit in the headlights” feeling with tendency to diarrhea (see also Arg nit and Lycopodium). Trembling. Shivers up and down the spine. Sleepiness. Dizziness. Mental alertness with physical prostration. Very useful remedy for flu or flu like symptoms.

Hepar sulph

No.1 Remedy for painful, infected wounds.

Keynotes: Intense stitching, splinter-like pains (see also Arg nit).

Strange rare and peculiar symptom: Symptoms worse when hands or feet uncovered Emotional state: Aggressive, intense, in a hurry.

Worse: Cold, touch, noise, exertion, at night.

Useful where someone is extremely chilly. Sweat is profuse, cold and sour smelling.

Barking, dry, croupy coughs. Painful sore throat, feels as if something is stuck in it. Ulcerated tonsils. Abscesses. Pus.


No.1 Remedy for nerve pain.

Keynote: Extreme, shooting pains.

Strange rare and peculiar symptom: Symptoms worse when hands or feet uncovered Emotional state: Shocked.

Worse: Cold, pressure.

Helpful for shooting sacral pain during pregnancy. Also sore, bruised, tearing pains in the lumbar region. Take it if you fall on your coccyx or trap your fingers or toes, as it reduces likelihood of nerve injury and pain.


No.1 Remedy for emotional trauma and disappointed love.

Keynote: Paradoxical symptoms (emptiness not better for eating).

Strange rare and peculiar symptom: Hiccoughing sighing and yawning.

Emotional state: Disbelief, anger, grief, hysteria, nervousness and excitability.

Worse: Fresh air, tobacco smoke, coffee (even the smell of them), admonishment.

If symptoms come on soon after receiving shocking or upsetting news, think of this remedy. Especially if there is no immediate reaction or the reaction is intense to the point of hysteria.


No.1 Remedy for persistent nausea.

Keynote: Vomiting does not bring relief.

Strange rare and peculiar symptom: Constant salivation, clean tongue.

Emotional state: Anxious, contrary and hard to please.

Worse: Over-eating

Important remedy for morning sickness. Strong aversion to food. Vomits everything, including water. Helps stop bleeding that starts suddenly and is bright red, including nosebleeds, uterine bleeding and bleeding from hemorrhoids. Use for dry coughs with choking and gagging (see also Ant tart and Drosera). Shooting kidney pain in the sixth week of pregnancy.

Kali bich

No.1 Remedy for painful sinusitis

Keynote: Greenish yellow sticky, stringy, smelly mucus

Strange rare and peculiar symptom: Pains in small localized spots, wandering.

Worse: On waking, at night, after eating.

Easily chilled. Sore nostrils, post nasal drip. Hoarseness. Headaches and ear aches related to sinuses. Joints feel sore and bruised in one spot, which changes. Important remedy for deep burns, which are slow to heal.


No.1 Remedy for hot flashes.

Keynote: Hates to feel constricted.

Strange rare and peculiar symptom: Symptoms start on the left and may move to right.

Emotional state: Depressed, jealous, over excited, talkative, critical.

Worse: On waking, at night, after eating.

A very important hormonal remedy (see also Sepia) that has many uses in pregnancy.

Tendency to feel faint. Hair loss. Vomiting in the afternoon or evening. Left-sided earaches and sore throats. Bleeds easily from injuries. Varicose veins. Weeping helps mood.


No.1 Remedy for puncture wounds (including epidurals)

Keynote: Rheumatic joint pain.

Strange rare and peculiar symptom: Pains wander.

Worse: moving, walking, being touched.

In pregnancy, gnawing pain extending from sacrum down thighs. Generally pains in the smaller joints move from the extremities towards the body as the condition worsens. Useful for black eyes and puncture wounds to deep tissue (soles and palms). Reduces risk of sepsis.


No.1 Remedy for fear of public speaking. (see also Gelsemium and Arg nit)

Keynote: Feels full after eating very little

Strange rare and peculiar symptom: Symptoms start on the right and may move to left.

Emotional state: Bossy at home, charming when necessary!

Worse: 4-8pm, eating onions, beans, brassica.

Lacking in self-confidence, although they may not appear to be. Bloated stomach and abdomen, with flatulence. Tendency to painful varicose veins. Fetal movements feel violent as if the baby is turning somersaults!

Mag phos

No.1 Remedy for cramps.

Keynotes: crampy, colicky neuralgic pains.

Worse: Becoming chilled, open air.

Useful in earache, headache, colic, cramps and sciatica. Nicknamed the homeopathic aspirin.

People who need this remedy often like to stay home, keep warm and be cosseted.

Merc viv

No.1 Remedy for mouth ulcers

Keynote: Smelly breath, urine, sweat saliva and discharges

Strange rare and peculiar symptom: Sensitive to slightest changes in temperature Emotional state: Anxious, restless, displeased, muddled.

Worse: heat, cold, evening, night.

Increased salivation. Dry mouth. Metallic taste. Extreme thirst. Right sided sore throats. Abscesses. Ulcers. Bone pains. Heartburn. Tendency to miscarry in the third month. *

*If you have Merc viv symptoms it is vitally important for you to avoid mercury, especially while you are pregnant. Mercury is present in amalgam fillings and can be released during dental work. Where possible delay dental work till after the birth. Mercury is also present in large fish, such as tuna and in most paints and glues. It is used as a preservative in many other chemical products, too, check labels.

Natrum mur

No.1 Remedy for cold sores, silent grief.

Keynote: Craves salt.

Strange rare and peculiar symptom: Cannot use the rest room if someone is listening.

Emotional state: Slow to forgive and forget. Stoical. Private.

Worse: heat of the sun, 10am, exertion.

Important hormonal remedy. Tendency to dwell on past sadnesses and feel disappointed or indignant about others’ behavior. Dry with parched cracked lips. Thirsty. Chilly, but prefer to be so. Prone to cold sores after exposure to sun.

Nux vomica

No.1 Remedy for reducing alcohol cravings in pregnancy

Keynote: Desire for spicy food.

Strange rare and peculiar symptom: One sided sweats.

Emotional state: Angry and anxious.

Worse: Over indulging in rich food, working too hard, getting chilled, in the morning.

Liverish. Digestion is disturbed leading to intense irritability (see also Bryonia). Finds vomiting difficult, although it definitely helps relieve symptoms. Tendency to piles and varicose veins.


No.1 Remedy for bleeding gums in pregnancy.

Keynote: Burning heat and pains.

Strange rare and peculiar symptom: Vomits once food has warmed up in the stomach.

Emotional state: Bubbly and out-going. Overly empathetic, leading to exhaustion.

Worse: Thunder and lightning, fasting, lying on the left side.

Face may swell in pregnancy. Bleeds easily, especially gums. Yellowish skin with blue lips and nails. Prone to anemia and hemorrhage. Strong aversion to water.


No.1 Remedy for feelings of helplessness with weeping.

Keynote: Changeability of mood and symptoms.

Strange rare and peculiar symptom: Desire to escape and hide during pregnancy.

Emotional state: Sweet natured, but indecisive.

Worse: twilight, getting feet wet, becoming chilled, sun, wind, damp weather, stuffy rooms.

Important hormonal remedy. Suits those that find it hard to adapt to the changes in their body that pregnancy brings. Need support, reassurance and company. Frequently needed as a sinusitis remedy (see also Kali bich). Thirstless. Useful for helping babies in breech or transverse positions to turn, if used in the 36th week of pregnancy.

Rhus tox

No.1 Remedy for muscle strains

Keynote: A creaky door, the first movement hurts most.

Strange rare and peculiar symptom: Has a red triangle at the tip of the tongue.

Emotional state: Restless from anxiety or pain, tearful.

Worse: getting chilled, dampness, draughts, on lying down, after 12pm.

Aching , sore, bruised, tearing, burning, stitching and rheumatic pains. Pelvic bones feel loose, but stiff when first moving. Better for warm drinks, a hot bath or a cozy bed. Useful after overexertion (see also Arnica and Bryonia) and for muscle sprains and strains. An important flu remedy.


No.1 Remedy for ligament and eye strain, injury to the bone surface.

Keynote: Similar to Rhus tox but less restless.

Emotional state: Tiredness.

Worse: for lying on affected part.

Some studies report that as many as 50% of all pregnant women experience pain in their back and pelvis. During pregnancy your body releases a hormone called Relaxin that softens your ligaments and joints, unlocking the pelvis in preparation for birth. This change means your ligaments and joints can be inadvertently strained (see also Arnica, Bryonia and Rhus tox).


No.1 Remedy for exhausted women!

Keynotes: Dragging, bearing down pains.

Strange rare and peculiar sensation: As if prolapse will occur and everything will fall out Emotional state: Indifferent, withdrawn, irritable, over-sensitive.

Worse: missing a meal, failure to exercise, company.

Important hormonal remedy. Covering a greater number of symptoms in pregnancy and more frequently needed than any other. Particularly useful in threatened miscarriages.

Yellowish face, particularly over the nose. Dark rings under the eyes. Over-sensitive to noise, smells and pain. Avoids family and partner. Prefers to be alone and rest.


No.1 Remedy for forcing out splinters and other foreign bodies.

Keynotes: Very prone to catching infections, poor immunity. White spots on nails.

Strange rare and peculiar symptom: Cold, damp, sweaty smelly feet.

Emotional state: Overly conscientious, lacking in confidence, timid.

Worse: cold, damp, wet weather, draughts.

Violent fetal movements that hurt. Constipation with “shy” stools that slip back. Useful remedy for cracked, sore, inverted nipples, blocked milk ducts and breast abscesses.

Helps babies with blocked tear ducts.


No.1 Remedy for feelings of violation.

Keynotes: Pressing, pulling, tearing, sore bruised pains.

Strange rare and peculiar symptom:

Emotional state: Suppressed rage, anger, humiliation, grief. Changeable.

Worse: surgical operations involving any orifice, being touched, missing a meal, exertion, cat naps.

Good remedy for those who can’t say “No” and later feel taken advantage of. May be needed after invasive tests or medical examinations, where you feel upset afterwards.

Hiding true feelings causes symptoms to appear. Important cystitis remedy (see also Cantharis).


No.1 Remedy for hot blooded, itchy types.

Keynotes: Offensive, burning, corrosive discharges.

Strange rare and peculiar symptoms: Sinking feeling at 11am. Navel protrudes at night.

Emotional state: Indifferent to appearance. Lazy. Argumentative.

Worse: warmth, bathing, 10-11am.

Useful for nausea of the first trimester. Prone to hot flashes. Fresh air fiends. Restless legs from heat of the bed. Prone to poor sleep or insomnia, also due to over-heating. Often wakes early to pass stool.

Safety First


Trust your instincts and if you think something is seriously wrong seek trusted medical advice immediately. Take your Deluxe Kit with you and try remedies on the way.


Anemia is more common during pregnancy, so if you get dizziness and headaches, feel short of breath and look pale, you may have anemia. Good sources of iron include red meat, fish, leafy vegetables, nuts and beans. You could also try an easily absorbed iron supplement like Floridex. If in doubt get a blood test done.


Many women have spotting during pregnancy, but if the flow is heavier contact your medical provider. They will want to know what color the blood is, how much you are passing and whether you have any pains.

High blood sugar

May mean you have gestational diabetes. You can ask to have a glucose tolerance test if you are concerned about your sugar levels.

High fevers

Are often related to an infection and it is wise to let your medical provider know if you are experiencing intense fever.


Rashes are not usually a problem but if you are itching without any obvious eruption check in with your medical provider.


Trust your instincts and if you think something is seriously wrong seek trusted medical advice immediately. Take your Deluxe Kit with you and try remedies on the way.


Is the name given to a set of symptoms after 20 weeks gestation. Namely high blood pressure, protein in the urine and sometimes, fluid retention.

Severe abdominal pain

Always seek medical attention immediately to rule out the possibility of ectopic pregnancy or threatened miscarriage.

Severe headaches

These may be a sign that your blood pressure is too high. it is important to have your blood pressure checked as high blood pressure is a symptom of pre-eclampsia.

Severe vomiting

Nausea and vomiting are not uncommon in pregnancy. One of the main risks of persistent vomiting (or sweating, diarrhea) is dehydration. Make sure you are drinking enough fluids to make up for what you lose. If you show on going signs of dehydration contact your medical provider.

Severe swelling

In the hands, feet and face may also be a sign of pre-eclampsia so seek advice from your medical provider.


In the following situations seek expert medical help immediately:

  • • backache, or fever, with urinary infection
  • • bleeding, heavy or unexplained
  • • breathing, rapid shallow or difficult
  • • burns, severe or larger than your hand
  • • chest pain, severe
  • • confusion, following trauma or over-exposure to sun
  • • consciousness, lost or impaired
  • • convulsions
  • • delirium
  • • dehydration, especially in babies, small children and elderly
  • • drowsiness, unexplained or unexpected
  • • headache,severe
  • • fever, above 103.5F / 40C or persistent or with stiff neck
  • • fits
  • • fluid, watery / bloody, from ears or nose following head injury
  • • movement, full range, lost or impaired
  • • puncture wounds, near vital organs
  • • speech, lost or impaired
  • • stool, pale or white
  • • streaks, red running towards body
  • • swelling, rapid or severe (especially of mouth or throat)
  • • thirstlessness, prolonged with fever or diarrhea or vomiting
  • • urine, profuse or scanty or bloody
  • • vision, lost or impaired
  • • vomiting, unexpected and repeated
  • • wheezing, severe
  • • yellowness, of skin or eyes


Provided there are none of the warning signs mentioned above you can treat:

  • 1. Minor injuries e.g. cuts, bites, stings, burns, bruises.
  • 2. Acute illnesses. The definition of an acute illness is one where you have:
  • i) A prodromal (warning) period where you just don't feel right and know that you are

coming down with something, then

  • ii) Intensified and clear symptoms develop
  • iii) You recover within 7 days or you are so seriously ill you have to be hospitalized

These stages take place over a matter of days. Examples of acute illnesses are the common cold; coughs; flu; food poisoning; cystitis; infectious childhood illnesses (mumps, measles, chicken pox etc).


Never treat serious injuries or complaints without expert help. Serious degenerative diseases; frequently recurring symptoms; skin symptoms (including warts); asthma; hay fever; persistent constipation or abdominal pain; ulcers; lumps and bumps (apart from bruises) all need constitutional treatment by a qualified homoeopath.

If acute illnesses recur frequently, this indicates you have an underlying susceptibility and you will benefit greatly from professional homeopathic constitutional treatment.

Thinking of having Constitutional treatment? See Mary’s very special offer on Page 41.

Your Deluxe Family Kit is loaded with great first aid remedies that you can safely use during your pregnancy without any side effects. Next read this amazing article on the healing power of Arnica and another daisy family remedy, Bellis perennis.