Zincum valerianicum

PHARMACY – zinc-val. Zincum valerianicum. Zinc valerinate. Zinc Isovalerate. T ritu rati on. Historical dose: All potencies.
CLINICAL – Angina pectoris. Asthma. Brain, fatigue. Colitis. Deltoids, pain. Diarrhea. Dysmenorrhea. Emaciation. Epilepsy. Facial, neuralgia. Headaches. Hemorrhoids, hiccoughs. Hypochondriasis. Hystero-epilepsy. Insomnia, neuralgias. Ovarian, disorders. Priapism. Sciatica. Seminal, emissions. Stiff-neck. HOMEOPATHIC – Zinc-val. is a favorite anti-hysteric medicine in old-school practice. One proving, done with substantial doses by С. B. Finney, brought out a strong action on the genital sphere, the usual starting-point of hysteria.
Finney noted the brain-fatigue symptoms of Zinc, and the gastro-intestinal disturbance. The abdominal pains woke him from sleep and he had to rise at 6:30 a.m. for stool, which was partly fecal and partly fluid. Later he was constipated and had tenesmus.
Zinc-val. affects the nerves, ovaries and spine. A remedy for neuralgias, hysteria, angina pectoris and other painful affections, notably in ovarian disorders. Facial neuralgia, violent in left temple and inferior maxillary.
Painful nervous effects. Oversensitive, nervous and sleepless. Uncontrollable sleeplessness from pain in head with melancholy. Sleeplessness in children. Hysteria. Fidgety feet. Hypochondriasis, groundless fear. Hysterical heart-pain. Epilepsy without an aura. Obstinate hiccoughs.
Finney had distinct heart pains and Hale mentioned angina pectoris as having been cured by Zinc-val. Other conditions named by him are prosopalgia, spinal neuralgia, sciatica, ovarian neuralgia, cerebrospinal meningitis and tubercular meningitis.
MIND – Dullness of mind and headache with erections. Great fullness of head with difficult thinking. Distressed mentally, mind all mixed up. Excitable. Groundless fear.
ABDOMEN – Mucus colitis. Crampy pains from flatulence in hypogastrium.
BACK-Aching up.
EYES – Tickling over left ear.
FACE – Prosopalgia.
FEMALE – Dysmenorrhea, pains down the thighs. Ovarian pain that shoots down limbs, even to foot during and after menses.
HEAD-Violent, neuralgic intermittent headaches. Becomes almost insane with pain, which is piercing and stabbing.
LIMBS – Severe pain in neck and spine. Cannot sit still, must keep legs in constant motion. Sciatic neuralgia.
MODALITIES – Better from rubbing.
MOUTH – Sour taste in morning. Smothers on attempting to eat.
TEMPERATURE – Chills after mental excitement or exertion. Cold parts burn as they warm up.
COMMENTS – Hansen gave "epilepsy without aura." Finney had "Sensation as if a very heavy weight on chest," and dull headache and stiffness of muscles of neck.
Hale guoted C. Dradwick as saying that a considerable number of patients who had hemorrhoids, who were taking Zinc-val. for other troubles, had their hemorrhoids relieved by the remedy.
REFERENCES – Boericke. Clarke.