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Boron, a remedy for immaturity and fragmentation. Boron cases are jumpy. They cannot grasp how things work (pointing to their childishness), and dare not say no. Their pathology may stem from abuse, incest, and loss of parents. (Jan Scholten) Example: A person who is sexually abused in an orphanage. Jan Scholten also finds Boron a remedy for cases of MPD. • “Boron is particularly likely to be indicated in cases of MPD where parents were absent, and hence the child grew up without even the most basic sense of identity, security or mirroring…. One physical keynote of Boron: Aggravated not only by downward motion, but also by round-abouts and roller-coasters. ” (Philip Bailey, MD)


The root has been used for over two millennia as a treatment to draw demons out of the possessed. • Think of the remedy Mandragora where the case involves magic, rituals, and graveyards. • Nausea is a prominent physical symptom of the constitution Mandragora. (Note: If you treat the nausea with GI herbs, digestive enzymes, liver detox, etc, you may just be palliating the symptom.) • What separates Mandragora from other members of the Solanaceae family is the hidden quality of the violent symptoms. • The rubric “Ailments from Mortification” is listed under Mandragora:

Extreme sexual abuse which is almost always found in the history of cases of MPD, and this kind of horrifying trauma is what is meant by the rubric “Mortification” (literally, something that has shocked you to death).


I have had one Cannabis sativa MPD case:

Case) Patient experienced depression for a number of days after taking the remedy, followed by significant emotional relief. (Note: In very advanced psychiatric cases, it’s completely normal to feel depressed for a short period of time when the mind is healing.) Therefore, the patient was moving towards direction of cure. • The Ullmans also talk about a Cannabis sativa case in their book titled “The Homeopathic Treatment of Depression and Anxiety”.