Levisticum officinale

  • Anorexia nervosa – specifics (Farokh Master)
  • ABDOMEN – INFLAMMATION – Small intestine
  • Child cries for "no cause" at night. Use 200 or 1M potency (Chatterjee T. P.)

Culpepper's Herbal
General – Resists poison and infection, ague, pains in the body. Gastrointestinal – Flatulence, gripping pains, helps digestion.
Female – Provokes menses, menstrual pains.
Eyes – Redness.
Dimness of vision.
Respiratory – Quinsy, sore throat, pleurisy.

Potter Cycl
Medicinal Use: Diuretic, carminative. Used in febrile affections and in stomach disorders; also for dysmenorrhoea.
Gerard writes: The roots are very good for all inward diseases, driving away ventosities or windinesse especially of the stomacke. The seed thereof warmeth the stomacke, helpeth digestion; wherefore The people of Gennes in times past did use it in their meates as wee do pepper…. The distilled water of Lovage cleareth the sight and putteth away all spots, lentils, freckles and rednesse of the face, if they be often washed therewith."
Preparation: Liquid extract: Dose, 5 – 30 min.