Boron metallicum – mentally confused

PHARMACY – bor-met. Boron metallicum. Boron metal. Historical dose: Trituration and all potencies.

CLINICAL – Anemia, aphthae. Arthritis. Bronchitis. Conjunctivitis. Constipation. Cystitis. Diarrhea. Ear, infections. Eczema. Epilepsy. Gastritis. Herpes. Joint pains. Leucorrhea. Mastitis. Motion sickness. Nausea. Osteoporosis. Parkinson's disease. Sterility. Vertigo. Vomiting. HOMEOPATHIC – Retarded development, late walking, late talking, late being toilet trained. Growth disorders. Hair tangled. Nails drop off. Anemia.

Dizziness with feeling of falling backwards or sliding down, as if in a lift. Parkinson’s disease. Epilepsy. Watery, sometimes green discharges.

MIND-Mentally confused. Slow mind. Disoriented. Lack of concentration. Forgetful. Dementia. Confusion of identity. Sympathetic. Obsessive behavior. Psychosis caused by stress. Delirium.

Nervous, and restless. Timid, unsure of themselves. Indecisive. Low self confidence. Fear of failing. Doubts oneself. Easily discouraged. Desire support from others. Listless and apathetic. Gloomy disposition. Suicidal.

Startled easily from sudden noises. Vague fears. Fear of the unknown. Fear of diseases, infections, germs. Fear of death. Fear of going down stairs. Delusions voices that tell them who they are and what they should do.

BLADDER – Cystitis. Inflammations of bladder. Bladder spasms.

BREASTS – Mastitis. Inflammation of breasts, pain on the opposite side from the one the baby is suckling from. Late birth, child prefers the right breast.

CHEST – Sharp pains in chest.

EARS – Ear infections. Sensitive to noises.

EYES – Conjunctivitis. Inverted eyelids.

FACE – Face pale, tip of nose red.

FEMALE – Menses frequent, profuse, with stomach and back pains. Sterility. Clitoris painful and swollen, eczema. Leucorrhea white, sticky and stringy. Leucorrhea like egg-white. Sexually immature. Low estrogen levels.

FOOD – Aversion to lettuce, fruit, meat, vegetables. Desires apples, pears, potatoes, sweet, cheese, bread. Worse from fruit, pears, bananas, wine, coffee, sour, salt, coffee. Worse fats.

KIDNEYS – Crying before urination. Urine contains blood and protein.

LIMBS – Osteoporosis. Joint pains. Pain at tip of thumb, soles and ball of feet.

LUNGS – Bronchitis. Hard cough. Sharp pains in lungs. Lungs feel as if pressed in.

MALE-Atrophy of testes. Sexually immature. Low testosterone levels.

MODALITIES – Better after stools and urination. Better crying. Worse loud noises. Worse 8 am. Worse downward motion. Worse going down stairs, Worse elevators. Worse chlorine. Worse cold weather. Worse damp weather. Worse thunder.

Mouth – Infections in mouth, aphthae, thrush. Herpes on lips. Salivation aggravates. Taste and smell of fungus. Fissured tongue, red and bleeding. Fungus taste.

RECTUM – Constipation. Diarrhea. Stools soft with mucus.

SKIN – Cobweb sensation on skin. Eczema around mouth, on cheeks, fingers and toes.

SLEEP – Sleeps a long time. Talking during sleep.

STOMACH – Gastritis. Inflammations of the stomach. Stomach acidity. Nausea on exertion. Vomiting. Motion sickness.

VERTIGO – Dizziness with feeling of falling backwards or sliding down, as if in a lift.

Robin Murphy Nature Materia Medica