Pure materia medica of curdlipid
Methodology of provings based on Hahnemann’s (1) and Kent’s (3) principles with some additions from modern authors( Vithoulkas G. (25, 26), Sherr J. ( 6), Sankaran R. (5), etc.). For proving we used Curdlipid 6 CH. In homeopathic provings we received these symptoms of pathogenesis of Curdlipid :

Anger , which was suppressed with great efforts. Ailments from suppressed anger. Irritability, especially when she is criticized . Extreme sensitiveness to criticism. Obstinate. Slowness of thinking . Dullness. He reads a book , but he can’t understand what he has just read ( Volunteers noted that when they were students they fell down into similar condition, working hard to prepare to examinations.) . Difficult concentration. Weak memory.


Atheroma of lids.


Unpleasant taste of fat or lard. Metal taste. The taste of tobacco during smoking disappeared and the desire to smoke diminished.

Appetite ravenous or diminished. Heaviness. Pleasant sensation of fullness . Desire for lard, fats or aversion to lard and fats.

Heaviness in right hypochondria, especially after fat and fried food . Sharp pain in right hypochondria, extending to lower angle of right scapulae, with aggravation from any food and drinks ( even from water).

Constipation without urging.

Male genitalia
Weakness of erection. Sexual desire diminished.

Female genitalia
Adeps ovis – Female genitalia] Retardation or suppression of menses. Itching of vulva after suppressed anger.

Pain in ankle as from strain. Sensation of swelling of Achilles’ tendon. Swelling of legs and feet . Pain in joints which doesn’t change from motion.

Sleeplessness without any reasons. Volunteers can’t fall asleep.

Different situations of forcing, jackboot, outrages, violence etc., which were directed to volunteers. Coffin in shape of large fiddle. “ Relatives want to bury him alive but he occults himself from them and shows them fig.”

Sensation that there are tubercles or knobs under the skin. Ascending itching.

Obesity. Swelling.

Key-notes of curdlipid
Nowadays there are the following key-notes of Curdlipid:
Strong desire for fat or lard with obesity or stitching pain in right hypochondria, etc.
Sensation that there are tubercles or knobs under the skin.
Clinical case. Woman, 43 years old, came with stitching pain in right hypochondria. She had been suffering from this pain for two weeks. There was chronic cholecystitis in her personal anamnesis with regular aggravations one or two times a year. The patient said that this aggravation was more severe than usual ones and there was a very “strange” symptom during this aggravation. It was strong desire for fat and lard. The patient noted that when she saw fat fish with fat, falling drop after drop, her mouth became full of saliva and she felt impulse to eat this fish. Curdlipid C6 cured this patient successfully.

Clinical trials of curdlipid
The aim of clinical trials was not only legalization of the remedy but also investigation of possibility of clinical trials of monocomponent homeopathic remedy. Well-known scientific centers and clinics took part in clinical trials of Curdlipid. They are Institute of Neurosurgery named from Burdenko, Institute of Endocrinology of Republic of Uzbekistan , Moscow Municipal Clinic N 81, Homeopathic Center “Similia”, Medical Research Center “Supermed”, etc. Curdlipid had become the first monocomponent homeopathic remedy, created in Russia for more than 150 years history of Homeopathy in this country and allowed for use by Ministry of Health of Russia.

Curdlipid in cases of combination of atherosclerosis and obesity
41 patients between 27 and 52 years old with combination of atherosclerosis and obesity were included into the clinical trials ( 8,11,13). 21 patients received Curdlipid C6 and 20 ( control group )- placebo. Body weight before trials was 89,5+/- 1,5 kg ( it varied from 76 to 113 kg.). The patients suffered from obesity for 6-12 years. There were 20 patients in control group ( 14 women and 6 men). Their body weight was 90+/-1,3 kg (it varied from 78 to 110 kg.). Duration of obesity in control group varied from 5 to 10 years.

The patients didn’t receive any medicines to treat obesity during 6 months before the trials. Sometimes they received symptomatic medicines ( non homeopathic ) for headaches and other reasons ( respiratory infection, etc.) during the trials. In the group , received Curdlipid C6 , the weight loss was statistical significant ( p{ 0,001). The weight loss in this group was 12,7% in middle. In the control group weight loss was only in three cases , but it wasn’t statistical significant. The changes in lipid specter of blood are presented in Tab. 1.
Table 1. The influence of Curdlipid C6 on lipid exchange in patients with combination of atherosclerosis and obesity .

Group, received Curdlipid C6
( n=21)
Control group (n=20)
Before trials After trials Before trials After trials
Total lipids (g/L) 7,46+/-0,14 6,54+/-0,13 7,47+/-0,14 7,40+/-0,15 4-8
Triglycerids (mmol/L) 1,76+/-0,05 1,51 +/-0,05 1,9+/-0,06 1,8+/-0,07 0,56-1,54
Total cholesterol (mmol/L) 5,46+/-0,11 4,54+/-0,16 5,6+/-0,12 5,7 +/-0,11 3,9-5,4
(mmol/L) 0,72+/-0,04 1,1+/-0,04 1,2+/-0,48 1,3+/-0,11 0,78-1,69

(mmol/L) 1,10+/-0,02 0,62+/-0,02 1,49+/-0,04 1,44+/-0,02 0,13-0,90

LDL(mmol/L) 5,3+/-0,18 4,69+/-0,1 3,3+/-0,8 2,88+/-0,04 1,81-4,90
Atherogenic index 4,46+/-0,19 3,12+/-0,18 4,85+/-0,19 4,70+/-0,14 2,7-4,0

The level of total lipids , triglycerids, total cholesterol, lipoproteins of very low density (VLDL), lipoproteins of low density(LDL) , atherogenic index decreased after Curdlipid C6. The level of high-density lipoproteins (HDL) after Curdlipid C6 increased. These results demonstrate antiatherosclerotic effect of Curdlipid C6. The decrease of increased level of triacylglycerids and VLDL after Curdlipid C6 leaded to coagulation decrease. This fact is supported by correlation between the level of triacylglycerids and the activity of the inhibitor of the plasminogen activator.
Signs of atherosclerosis of brain vessels were found in 17 from 21 patients in group before Curdlipid C6 treatment. These patients have signs of haemodynamic disturbances with asymmetry of bloodstream in carotid arteries , which were established in transcranial ultrasound dopplerography . After Curdlipid C6 this asymmetry disappeared in 12 cases and decreased to 10-12% in 5 patients. In control group asymmetry decreased to 12-15% in 3 patients. Neuro-psychological tests showed positive changes in mnestic processes, increased possibility for mental work , increased possibility to concentrate , increased apperception etc after Curdlipid. The most positive effect of Curdlipid C6 was noted on memory processes. In 18 patients , who had mnestic defects before trials , positive dynamics ( increase of volume of retention of material, improvement of actualization of mnestic slots, decrease of pathological influence of interfering activity on memorizing ) took place in 84 % of cases after Curdlipid C6 . There were no such effects in control group.

Curdlipid in cases of postpartum obesity
34 patients with postpartum obesity aged from 21 to 37 years old were included into the clinical trial ( 18 women received Curdlipid C6 and 16 – placebo) . After Curdlipid C6 weight loss was 5-17 kg. in 12 patients, the same weight – in 5 cases and increase of weight (2-3,5 kg.) -in 3 cases. In control group weight loss was 2-4 kg. in 2 cases, the same weight- in 11 case and increase of weight-in 3cases. In the blood cholesterol level, triglycerids and HDL decreased after Curdlipid C6 (13).

Curdlipid in cases of lipid hepatosis
20 patients with lipid hepatosis aged from 31 to 60 years old were chosen( 10 received Curdlipid C6 and 10-routine allopathic therapy ). The size of liver in ultrasound investigation diminished on 1,5+/-0,09 sm. per 2 months after Curdlipid C6. The change in lipid specter is presented in Tab. 2 .
Table 2. The influence of Curdlipid C6 on lipid exchange in patients with lipid hepatosis .

Group, received Curdlipid C6
( n=10)
Control group (n=10)
Before trials After trials Before trials After trials
Total lipids (g/L) 9,70+/-0,6 7,39+/-0,56
p{ 0,001 8,50+/-0,5 7,47+/-0,66
p{ 0,05 4-8
Triglycerids (mmol/L) 2,14+/-0,09 1,11 +/-0,02
p{ 0,01 2,12+/-0,09 2,02+/-0,01
p{ 0,05 0,56-1,54
Total cholesterol (mmol/L) 6,17+/-0,86 4,49+/-0,49 6,08+/-0,09 6,05 +/-0,2
p{ 0,05 3,9-5,4
HDL(mmol/L) 0,35+/-0,01 0,29+/-0,01
p{ 0,001 0,46+/-0,09 0,42+/-0,1
p{ 0,05 0,78-1,69

VLDL (mmol/L) 1,15+/-0,05 0,9+/-0,07 1,16+/-0,06 1,14+/-0,08 0,13-0,90

LDL(mmol/L) 5,45+/-0,20 4,69+/-0,3 5,38+/-0,35 5,2+/-0,3 1,81-4,90
Atherogenic index 4,29+/-0,05 3,20+/-0,03 4,35+/-0,09 4,29+/-0,2 2,7-4,0

The level of total lipids , triglycerids, total cholesterol, high density lipoproteins (HDL), lipoproteins of very low density (VLDL), lipoproteins of low density(LDL) , atherogenic index decreased after Curdlipid C6. More prominent influence of Curdlipid C6 was noted on level of triglycerids, total cholesterol, VLDL, LDL and atherogenic index. Results of this trials proved more positive effect of Curdlipid C6 on lipid metabolism in patients with lipid hepatosis in comparison with allopathic drugs.

Comparative clinical trials of curdlipid and nootropil
The purpose of these clinical trials was to investigate nootroplike effect of Curdlipid C6. There was attempt to compare Curdlipid C6 and allopathic medicine Nootropil according to their action on high mental functions in patients with different brain vascular diseases. The last were conditions after ischemic insult , after haemorrhagic insult , after acute brain bloodstream disturbance, patients with vertebrogenic bloodstream disturbance, patients with atherosclerosis of blood vessels and arterial hypertension . 138 patients were included into the investigation . 52 patients received Curdlipid C6 , 49- Nootropil and 37-placebo and vasoactive therapy. The groups were standardized according to sex and age. Patients were included into the investigation 6-9 weeks after ischemic insult , haemorrhagic insult and acute brain bloodstream disturbance .The patients had not to use nootroplike medicines for 2 weeks before the trials. Curdlipid C6 was prescribed 4-6 globes 3 times per day. Nootropil was prescribed 1-2 capsules 1-2 times per day. Placebo was prescribed 4-6 globes 3 times per day. The duration of the therapy in all groups was 8 weeks. High mental functions were investigated with Luria-Nebraska test . Neuropsychological study was made every week. The main parameters taking into the consideration were the following: active attention disturbance , disturbances of intellectual activity, memory, talking, writing , changes in emotional sphere , asthenoneurotic and asthenodepressive syndromes.
The efficiency of the therapy with Curdlipid C6 and Nootropyl was defined according to 5 grades . They are “pronounced positive effect”, “amelioration” , “small amelioration”, “no changes”, “aggravation “.

For example we’d like to illustrate the results of the test on attention under influence of Curdlipid C6 and Nootropyl (pic. 2) .
Pic. 2. Number of right answers (%).

It’s seen that patients of the group treated with Curdlipid C6 ( the 1st group) and patients of the group treated with Nootropyl ( the 2nd group) demonstrated clear tendency to the elevation of the correct answers since the beginning of the third week of treatment. This elevation in the first group was gradual and came to maximum at the 8-th week. The elevation in the second group came to its’ maximum at the forth week and than stayed without changes ( “plateau”) to 8-th week. In group with placebo the increase of positive changes was minimal.
The memory changes during treatment with Curdlipid C6 and Nootropyl were the following (Pic. 3). The patients, treated with Curdlipid C6, demonstrated increase of the volume of memorized verbal information from the second to eight weeks of therapy. The patients treated with Nootropyl showed more quick changes but the result to the end of treatment was less than in group treated with Curdlipid C6. There were no changes in parameters of mnestic functions after the 5-6-th week of the treatment with Nootropyl . Total picture of therapeutic effect of Curdlipid C6 on the high mental functions is presented in Table 3.

Table 3. Total therapeutic effect of Curdlipid C6 on the high mental functions.
Grade of efficiency
1. pronounced positive effect 35%
2. amelioration 46%
3. small amelioration 13%
4. no changes 6%
5. aggravation 0%

It should be stressed that Curdlipid C6 had the most positive action on the decrease of difficulties of concentration and the attention switching. The latent period of time of the “ question – answer” became significantly shorter. The volume of audile and visual memory significantly increased after Curdlipid C6. Actualization of mnestic engrams became easier after Curdlipid C6. Patients noted that their long memory and short memory became better.

It should be underlined a good action of Curdlipid C6 on nonspecific components of the high mental functions. There were significant decrease of aspontaneity and inactivity of the intellectual action , advance of switching and plasticity of thinking. The more significant percentage of nonspecific components changes in the structure of basic disturbances of the high mental functions correlates with more positive effect of Curdlipid C6. It should be supposed that Curdlipid C6 stimulates the action of the activating systems of the brain. The last can explain the strong nootroplike effect of this homeopathic remedy. Objectively , patients treated with Curdlipid C6 noted that they become more concentrated ( the level of their absentminded condition decreased), more active , less exhaustive . The depressive mood became better after this homeopathic remedy. The level of asthenia decreased after Curdlipid C6. Positive reactions began to dominate in emotional sphere.

In cases , when disturbances of high mental functions are accompanied with neurological defect of motor functions , the effect of Curdlipid C6 was quite a less.
Curdlipid C6 didn’t demonstrate any effects in patients with maximal manifestation of neurological defects accompanied with astheno-depressive condition or in patients with long period of disease.

The comparative effects of Curdlipid C6 and Nootropyl are presented in Table 4.
Table 4. The comparative effects of Curdlipid C6 and Nootropyl on the high mental functions.

Nosological form
Total number of patients
Number of patients treated with Curdlipid C6
Number of patients treated with Nootropyl
Curdlipid C6 was more effective than Nootropyl (+)
Nootropyl was more effective than Curdlipid C6(+)
conditions after acute brain bloodstream disturbance 26 14 12 +
conditions after ischemic insult 23 12 11 +
conditions after haemorrhagic insult 13 7 6 +
vertebrogenic bloodstream disturbance 22 11 11 +
atherosclerosis of blood vessels and arterial hypertension
17 8 9 +
Total number of patients 101 52 49

Thus, Curdlipid C6 was more effective in patients with disturbances connected with consequences of ischemic insult, acute brain bloodstream disturbance, atherosclerosis of blood vessels and arterial hypertension.

These clinical trials show that it’s possible in some cases to make clinical trials of monocomponent homeopathic remedies and their results should be included into Materia Medica.
Clinical indications for curdlipid prescription
There are such clinical indications for Curdlipid prescription after results of homeopathic provings and clinical trials( 7-9, 11-14, 16-18, 21-23) and successful treatment as:
Obesity ( postpartum, alimentary, in cases of hypothyroidism, etc.).
Endocrine infertility in cases of obesity.
Dysfunction of ovaries (retardation of menses) in cases of obesity.
Hirsutism in patients with obesity and normal parameters of hormones in blood (androgens etc.). As like as not, this situation can be due to high level of androgen’s receptors in tissues (hypersensitivity of cells to androgens). Clinical case. Woman aged 24 came with hirsutism. She had obesity (not severe) and normal menstrual cycle. The patient didn’t have any other complaints. Curdlipid C6 diminished hair growth on her body after depilations. It should be stressed that she used different homeopathic remedies before Curdlipid without any effects. This fact says, that effect of Curdlipid in this case was not connected with effect of placebo.
Threaten abortion in women with obesity . Curdlipid is used in complex with other homeopathic remedies to treat this pathology. For this aim it’s recommended by the Ministry of Health of Russia( 23).

Swelling of pregnant women.
Lipid (fat) dystrophy of different organs ( liver, heart, etc.).
Alcoholic hepatosis .

Chronic inflammation of gold bladder ( chronic cholecystitis ) especially with cholesterol stones.
Cholesterol stones in gold bladder.

As liver drainage ( in homotoxicology (21) and other directions in the homeopathy, where conception of drainage is supported). It was proved , that Curdlipid stimulates protein synthesis in the liver and decreases the index of toxicity of the human body (7).
Poisoning with hepatotoxic factors including drugs, antibiotics , hormonal contraceptives , etc. In some cases Curdlipid can protect liver from the bad effects of allopathic medicines (2, 15, 22).
Different disorders of lipid metabolism ( dislipidemia).

Male impotency due to atherosclerosis.
Disorders of the high mental functions ( attention, memory , etc.) in patients with consequences of ischemic insult, acute brain bloodstream disturbance and patients with atherosclerosis of blood vessels and arterial hypertension.

Functional disorders of the high mental functions ( attention, memory , etc.) after long lasting or intensive mental work ( e.g. students, who work hard to prepare to examinations).

Atheroma of lid
A component in homeopathic “anabolic” complexes in Sport Medicine (17,18). This complex consists of homeopathic remedies ( more often five ) which : a) play the role of prophylaxis of the growth of the connective tissue in muscles and “degeneration” of the muscles into the connective tissue ( e.g. aurum jodatum , etc.), b) stimulate protein synthesis ( e.g. agnus castus, caladium etc.), c) regulate muscle exchange and energetic condition of muscles ( arnica, natrium phosphoricum, etc.), d) stave of the “transformation” of muscles into the fat ( Curdlipid), e) homeopathic drainage, which stimulate the elimination of the protein metabolism products ( e.g. ammonium benzoicum, berberis vulgaris , etc.). By this way homeopathic drainage stimulates synthesis of proteins. These complexes were recommended for Russian Olympic Teams by the Olympic Committee of Russia (18). The duration of the Curdlipid use is 1-1,5 months. Than it’s necessarily to stop Curdlipid C6 use for 1-2 months. Our experience shows that after 1,5 months of the Curdlipid C6 use the contrary effect can develop. After 1-2 months of pause the Curdlipid use should be repeated.

Hypodynamia (e.g. after severe trauma or surgical operation, etc.).
To make fast more comfortable . Curdlipid can suppressed appetite in some cases.


Some suggestions about essence of curdlipid
One of the directions in the modern Classical Homeopathy is pursuit of the essence ( G. Vithoulkas (26,27)) or the spirit ( R. Sankaran (4), D. Grandgeorge, etc.) of a homeopathic remedy. Before the formulation of the essence of Curdlipid we’d like to say a few words about one approach to classification of mental disorders. The last are biological and social ones (19). The biological are connected with kinky changes of conscious and mainly subconscious sides of the biological instincts . The social are connected with perversity of the stereotypes of social behavior . Social mental disorders sometimes are secondary from the biological ones. The biological mental disorders are connected with three basic instincts: survival, sex and power (19). The disorders on the survival level are deeper and usually more severe than on the levels of sex and power. The lesions on the power level are more superficial and they are more wide spread.

The survival level may be associated with syphilitic miasm , level of sex- with psychotic miasm and level of power- with psora. On the every level we can find all three miasms too. This fact illustrates the elder East aphorism , which is formulated like this: “ all is in all”. On the every level we should find the type of the instinct disorder: “hypotrophy” (psora), “hypertrophy” ( psychosis) and “warped” (syphilis ) . In every patient and in every remedy we try to find the levels of disorders of the instincts, the types of disorders and make classification of mental signs and connected with them physical symptoms among these levels and types. In more severe cases we find lesions on three levels in one and the same patient. Curdlipid belongs mainly to the level of power. We also can give another name to the last level . It’s the level of the personal significance. The main problem of Curdlipid is the problem of personal significance, because he has extreme sensitivity to contradictions and to anyone’s critics . It has also some problems on the other levels (especially on the sexual level) but they are not strong and often have radix on level of power.

Curdlipid is a psoric remedy , because it has a lot symptoms of psora such as itching , slowness , bad memory , absentminded, etc.
In conclusion we’d like to present you a clinical case , which demonstrates the essence of Curdlipid. This case was treated with Curdlipid C6 successfully.

Female, 36 years old, came with complaints on eczema, appearing after scratching . The reason of scratching was itch all over the body, especially on the back , cervical region of the back, abdomen, behind ears. The itch changed its’ localization after scratching. She suffers from strange sense of tubercles situated under her skin. The Lady suffered from eczema for 17 years. The first episode of eczema took place when she came back to the city from the forest , where she had had her student practice . The patient noted that there were clouds of gnats in that forest. The first eruption was on the legs and hands. She was treated from eczema with ointments containing cortisone . Eczema extended up year to year despite the treatment.
Family anamnesis . Her sister in law has eczema.

In her personal history there were such diseases as pulmonary tuberculosis in her childhood that were treated with antibiotics , fibroids of uterus , cervix uteri erosion , which was treated with cryocautery , erythema nodosa two years ago. The symptoms of this erythema nodosa were the following: swelling of joints and dark red spots on her skin. That time the patient compared her legs with beams. She had one delivery and two artificial abortions.

In direct interview we received the following information.
She has fears of snakes and conductors in buses , trams, etc. The last fear was connected with the possible gross-out and abruptness of conductors. By the other words the patient had fear to be put down by gross-out and abruptness. She described herself as a person, who is assertive, “iron chief” with her auxiliaries. We used a projective test-question which was formulated like this : “If you are not a women, whom do you want to be and why?”. The patient said that she wants to be a forceful strong animal from the Cats’ Family, because no one can offend it.

When she studied in the University , she suffered from severe headache . The similar headache reappeared during the last two weeks. The was localized in the occiput. It appeared from cold and when she was hungry.
The patient had a period of irregular menstruation from menarche ( in 12 years old) to the age of 28 years old. When she came to us duration of her menstrual cycle was 27-32 days and duration of menses was 5 days. Menses were more copious in the first two days. Menses were painless. Her sexual desire was absent for the last five years. She explained this fact by intensive business work. She had only clitoris form of orgasm. Sometimes she had leucorrhea . Vaginal discharge was white and like cottage cheese (soor).
She slept on the abdomen with the face bored into pillow. The patient suffered from dreams until she was 23 years old. They were “snakes” and “money in dump”. The last dream was interpreted by the patient as “prediction of quarrel”.

The patient had desire for fruits(3), honey(2) and sweets ( 1).
The hot weather was more comfortable for her than the cold ones.
The main mental problem of this patient is situated on the level of power ( the level of “ personal significance”). Pride is often the radix and reason of any pathology and any symptom on this level. In the Bible pride is called one of the main absolutions . When we discuss the problem of pride, it should be taken into the consideration the degree of Pride . The middle degree of pride is normal and leads a person to harmony with himself and environment , but hypertrophy and hypotrophy of the sense of pride may lead to mental and physical pathology and/or social disadaptation. The hypertrophic sense of pride leads to desire of power, ambitions, offences , to be put down , etc. It’s clear that a person without pride can’t be putted down or offended. This patient had a hypertrophic sense of pride. This sense can explain her fear of conductors , her desire to be an animal , which can not be offended, her assertive in her business , etc. The hypertrophic sense of pride leaded to suppression of her sexual instinct by her industrious activity. In nature in the gregarious animals the instinct of power is more specific for bucks , who want to become a leader of the band. Our patient is a woman , but her pride pushed her to play the role of leader, “iron chief”, which is not natural for women. In result we can see some features of subconscious mental sex transformation . The main sign , that supported this preposition , is the form of orgasm. The patient noted that she has only clitoris form of orgasm. This form of orgasm in females is similar to the main form of male orgasm, because penis and clitoris are homologous organs. The fear of snakes and dreams with snakes are very important too. Snake has several symbolic interpretations . One from them is danger and evil . We choose this sign , because it corresponded to the interpretation of her another dream – quarrels. She called that quarrels are evil and in quarrels she can be offended. The last shows the relation of her fears and dreams with her hypertrophic sense of pride or the sense of personal significance. We said above that Curdlipid has mental problems on the level of power (personal significance ). It should be stressed that the hypertrophic sense of personal significance we can discover in many homeopathic remedies such as Lycopodium clavatum, Aurum metallicum and others. Nevertheless this classification helps to define the center of pathology ( if the cause is situated on the mental and emotional levels), to limit the circle of remedies in case analysis and to define the efficiency of the homeopathic therapy. In this case we can suggest another way of the patient pathology development. The basic disturbance may be localized on the level of nervo-endocrine system . It can be connected with hypersensitivity to androgens or increased level of androgens. This fact may lead to change of sexual and social behavior . In the result the male behavioral stereotype can be formed . It was stressed before that the instinct of power is more specific for the males and it may be depended on the androgens. In this key we can suggest that the sense of personal significance, the clitoris form of orgasm , etc. in this case were the result of the hormonal disturbance . It’s interesting that only the bucks of the fat-tailed sheep have a tail (fat-tailed part). Curdlipid belongs to the animal kingdom . If we compare the evolution of kingdoms of nature with the phylogenesis of regulative systems it should be clear that there are relations between them (20)(Table 5 and Pic. 4).
Table 5. The model of the relations among the regulative symptoms , the kingdoms of nature and the predominant homeopathic remedies .

Regulative system
Kingdom of nature
Predominant remedies
Psychic regulative system Human Remedies from all groups
Nervo-endocrine regulative system animals Animals (Curdlipid, Lachesis, etc.)
Vegetative nervous regulative system plants Plants (Ignatia, Aconite, etc.)
Immune regulative system microorganisms Nosodes (Medorrhinum, Tuberculinum, etc.)
Metabolic regulative system Minerals Minerals( Aurum met., etc.)

In this model the nervo-endocrine system is connected with the animal kingdom. This fact doesn’t mean, that any disturbance in this system must be treated only with homeopathic remedies from the animal kingdom. The basis of a homeopathic remedy choice is the law of similarity , but in some cases the model of the kingdoms of nature can be used. According to this model Curdlipid has predominant on the neuro-endocrine disorders. This fact is circumstantially supported by the homeopathic proving and the clinical trials. Thus, coming back to the clinical case , we can explain the patient’s pathology development by two ways . The first is connected with the primary abnormality of the power instinct and the second – with the primary hormonal disturbance. What variant is right? This question is similar to the well-known philosophical chicken-and-egg problem. Nevertheless there are enough arguments to think about Curdlipid in both variants.
G. Vithoulkas (24) wrote that the remedy has high possibility to be correct for a patient, if we find combination of essence and some key-notes. This patient had one of key-notes of Curdlipid. It was a sense of tubercles situated under the skin.
Curdlipid C6 was prescribed in 3 globes 1 time per day for a month.
On the first follow up after a month of therapy the patient noted that the sense of tubercles situated under her skin disappeared. Headache disappeared too. Skin eruptions became better. The patient said that itch ameliorated with hot bathing . Itch went away from the head and neck. The itch “went down” the body. The patient stressed that at the beginning of the disease itch appeared on the legs and then “went up” the whole body. It was illustration of Herring’s law. Thus , the reaction was correct and the treatment with Curdlipid C6 was continued for a month.
On the second follow up the patient noted that itch became better by 70%. The sense of tubercles situated under the skin was only one time during one day. It was the first day after the patient came to Thailand from Moscow. She added that after the first 2-3 weeks of treatment she began to plump out. The result was interpreted as the beginning of the Curdlipid pathogenesis development. It was the indication to stop Curdlipid use and to prescribe placebo . Placebo was prescribed for a month. In the result all pathological symptoms disappeared.
In conclusion it should be underlined that Curdlipid has all chances to become one of the important remedies in the homeopathic practice.