Cineraria maritima


(Dusty Miller)
PHARMACY – cine. Cineraria maritima. Dusty miller. Senecio cineraria. N. 0. Composite. Corybiferae. Tincture or succus of the fresh plant, growing wild, gathered just before the flower-buds open. Historical dose: Tincture and all potencies. CLINICAL – Cataract. Corneal, opacity. Eye, injuries.
HERBAL-This is an unproved drug, but it has been used with a good deal of success in cases of cataract as an external application. The method adopted is to instill one drop four or five times a day into the affected eye, for several months.
HOMEOPATHIC – Most effective in traumatic eye cases. Traumatic cataract and corneal opacities, as well as senile cataract. No reports of cures by internal use of the remedy alone, but in some cases it was given internally as well as used externally. Generally, the patients have received specific homeopathic treatment internally at the same time. RELATIONS – Compare: (1) In cataract, Calc-f. Phos., Platanus, Cann-i., Caust., Naph., Led., Nat-m„ Sil. REFERENCES – Boericke. Clarke. Phatak.


Cineraria Maritima Succus. Important Remedies for Ophthalmic Diseases: This is the only homoeopathic medicine that has been used externally as a specific for the cataractous affections of the eyes. It is prepared from the juice of the plant and dropped in the eye. The juice does not appear to produce any inflammation: a slight burning sensation, which lasts for about two minutes, follows its application – There is also more or less lachrymal discharge tinged with the colouring matter of the liguid used. Probably the action of this remedy consists in stimulation of the absorbents, and so far our present experience goes, the improvement produced is progressive and enduring^The general dosage should be two drops instilled in the eyes three times daily. One should continue this medicine with some patience for several weeks before any material change will be observed.


Jacobaea maritima. Dusty miller. Silver ragwort. Asteraceae.
Generals Has some reputation incure of cataract and corneal opacities. Is used externally, by instilling intoeye one drop 4-5 times a day. This must be kept up for several months. Most effective in traumatic cases. Relations Compare: iCann-L, Caust., Led., Naph., Nat-m., Phos., Platan, and Sil. [cataract].